Restoring our 1900 Home

Matt & Jess's restoration of a
historic Tudor Revival in the
Pacific Northwest.

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What’s been keeping me busy the past 8 months

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We’re starting to get the hang of this baby-raising thing so I’m hoping that I’ll get to posting a bit more regularly soon ….

Designing the Kitchen Archway

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Way back during the framing stage,┬áDad and I changed the rough opening of the kitchen doorway to a Tudor style arch that matched two other original archways within the house….

Blog Catch Up: Kitchen Cabinet Construction

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With the birth of our daughter Eleanor in early May I haven’t had much time to post anything, so below are some photos documenting the cabinet construction shortly before we…

Spring Bloom

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Looking down our driveway: lilac, azalea, and the dogwood tree we planted last year.


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