Let there be warmth

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(Jess looking happy that we finally got all the insulation up into the attic)

On Tuesday we had the insulation delivered for the attic and exterior walls on the first floor.  Good friends Matt & Kurt stopped by to help me move 55 bundles of Roxul R22 into the kitchen after they were delivered by Slegg:

55 bundles pretty much filled up the kitchen:

I’m really happy with the Roxul. Because our exterior wall studs are 2″x6″ we are able to insulate them to R22.  I find that the Roxul goes up really quick. Below is a shot of the insulated exterior wall in the master bedroom (currently my workshop):

This weekend I ran string lighting in the attic and also built a catwalk to make installation of the new insulation easier and more safe.  Jess was back for the weekend, and together we got lots done even though we were suffering with a slight hangover after a great night with friends Matt and Ashley on Saturday. The biggest job was transporting about 30 bundles of insulation into the attic.  Below is a photo of Jess up in the attic with all the insulation we brought up, and with the new string lighting and part of the new catwalk.

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