DemoFest Opening Ceremonies

This week is DemoFest, and so I started it off with a bang and took down about half the plaster in the master bedroom.  I’ve got a  system where I use the marmoleum rug that came with the house to protect the floor below where I’m working, and then I have about ten strong cardboard boxes that I arrange to catch most of the plaster as I go.  The boxes are especially important while removing the plaster from the ceiling since there is 11 feet to the ground below, and the big pieces can be pretty heavy.  The fir floors need a bit more protecting than a hardwood species like oak.

The plan is to leave the lath up on the interior walls as long as it’s flat enough for drywall, and to remove it on the exterior walls so that we can insulate them.  We’ve got 55 packages of Roxul R22 arriving next Tuesday!

We’ve got a bin in the driveway now, and it’ll stay there until DemoFest is done.  If all goes well I’m expecting it should be about a week ;)

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