Back in Action

Shortly after returning home from the Christmas holidays I came down with the flu, which unfortunately kept me from working on the house until about a week ago.  Now I’m back in fighting form and I’ve finished up insulating the entire attic and installing rafter baffles for increased ventilation.   I’ve also been focused on finishing up the demo in the bathroom (before and after photo above), which is now almost complete.  We installed a new toilet during Demofest, although it will sit in a different position when we get the new plumbing roughed in.  We had the gas hooked up last week, and are also now focusing on bringing our electrical up to code since we have several walls opened up.  Just like our second bedroom, the bathroom has 11′ V-groove T&G fir planks for walls.  Unfortunately the walls in the bathroom were badly routed out in parts to make room for the tub when it was installed back in the 60’s.  Our plan is to remove them and salvage as much of the wood as possible so that we can use it as wainscotting in the remodelled bathroom.  The wood is beautiful tight-grained quartersawn fir, and I’m sure it will also find itself in many furniture projects down the road.

A before and after photo of removal of the tub and some of the T&G walls below.  In the after shot you can see how the wall on the left was routed out to make way for the tub.  Thankfully the original fir floors below are in great shape:

All that’s left for demo now in the bathroom is removing the remaining lino on the floor to expose the original floors, and stripping the two remaining wood walls back to the bare studs.

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