And so it begins!

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Last Thursday was completion and possession day, and so Jess and I are now the owners of a very unique and historic home.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but I couldn’t be more excited with the potential of this house.  Special thanks to our realtor Jordan Thome and his father Don for all their help!

The top priority for now is securing the house from the outside against any potential water damage, pests and any other intruders.  I spent Saturday morning getting all the locks rekeyed and reprogramming the keypad lock on the front door. The house didn’t come with a single key when we took possession — just the combination for the keypad lock — so I felt a lot better after I installed the rekeyed locks and after resetting the keypad lock to it’s factory settings and setting up new codes. In the afternoon it was raining heavily so I spent some time in the attic going through every nook and cranny for evidence of leaks. So far it seems bone dry.

The most interesting room in the house by far is the front room with it’s original 100+ year old wood panelling throughout. Below is a photo from our original viewing, and one with the furniture removed:

As you can see the carpet is particularly nasty, and needed to go.  This is what I focused on for Saturday afternoon, and I was happy with what I found below:

And without the carpet tack strips:


We’ll be opening up this fireplace at some point, and probably be putting in a quality gas insert.  Because we’ll likely be converting over to natural gas we’ll also be replacing the oil furnace, which means getting rid of the baseboard heaters too.  The floors will all get refinished.

I’m keen to start bashing down the plaster walls in the master bedroom, but we have an energy audit on Tuesday and they require that the building envelope be in tact.  The fun will have to wait.

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