A workshop of questionable manliness

The kitchen, with its pink floral wallpaper, has become my temporary workshop as I prep the second bedroom for finishing. It’s actually a pretty good setup since the floor is well protected with a sandwich of laminate and lino above the original hardwood. None of the cupboards that are currently in the kitchen will stay, so it’s nice to be able to use those for storage of my tools and not be worried about damaging them. There’s lots of light and a good cross-breeze when I open the windows.

As for the pink wallpaper: sadly its reign in this house is soon coming to a close because it and everything  below it down to the lath will  get demo’d.  Fresh drywall will go up in preparation for Jess’s dream kitchen.  I don’t foresee any similar shades of paint going up anytime soon, but Jess has tricked me in the past and once convinced me that we should use a colour called “orange confection” in our previous bathroom.  That colour in fact ended up being … PINK.


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