The Garden: And so it begins…Part Two

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My first garden post!  I have to say, I have been delaying this post for sometime now for two reasons.  One, is out of sheer laziness and the other, is the fear and anxiety of being forever immortalized on the internet!  As the gardening days pass by, I felt it would be a great disservice to myself to not document the transformation of our yard and so I sat down to write this.  As I am both a gardening and blogging neophyte, please enjoy my stumbles and successes as I attempt to entertain you with posts about taming what we like to call our garden.

As I try to remake our garden, you will notice that I have gotten caught up in the whole “urban garden/farm” movement and am only trying to plant flora that is either native to the Westcoast or is useful in the kitchen.  I am also attempting to reuse materials from the demo of our house.  In this first set of pictures, I tackle the garden bed that is next to our driveway.  I knew I would need to edge the bed to prevent our lawn from invading the bed again (you’ll see it’s been partially weeded in the “before” picture), so I used bricks from our house to make a physical border.  As you can see, we kept the Azalea but have since planted junipers for their spicy berries and gin flavouring!  We will also be permanently adding that brick footpath you see in the middle.

My next step was to tackle the bed in front of the house.  I had lots of help from Matt with this.  Again, we used the old bricks for edging.  We’ve also planted  some native sword ferns and some tall Oregon grape.  I hear the tall Oregon grape will make some very nutritious jellies and jams!

This next bed was under a forest of catoneasters.  Unfortunately, I did not have the forethought to take any “before” pictures but nonetheless, you can only imagine how overgrown with weeds it was!  We can thank our neighbour Tom, who as a gift to us weeded much of the bed! As the catoneasters shade much of the bed, we’ve planted more sword ferns but I plan to plant some huckleberry bushes behind as well.  The catoneaster will also be trimmed back a bit but the height will be kept as a natural border from our neighbours.

The next post will hopefully include the other front of house bed, which is already established with a hedge (I think rhododendron? I’ll need help with identification!) and lilac trees, and the other driveway bed where I plan to plant our first veggies/fruits of the season!  Stay tuned!

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  • Wendy Pope says:

    Nice work team! The recycling of materials, use of native plants and artistic flair have me dreaming of vegging with the veggies in your yard ;)

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