April – May 2015

Finishing & Cabinetry

-Continue kitchen upper cabinets
-Build and install new Fir thresholds for front door, back door, kitchen, bathroom, both bedrooms
-Door restoration: remove paint and refinish all doors in the hallway: bathroom & bedrooms.

March – April 2015

Finishing & Cabinetry

-Install new picture rail in the living room, matching the stain on original woodwork
-Build bathroom vanity
-Install 4′ wainscotting in bathroom using original bathroom Fir wall boards
-Hang new chandelier in front room
-Build kitchen lower cabinets
-Build kitchen upper cabinets
-Install new stain glass panel in front door
-Clean all woodwork in front and living room
-Plumbing: install H/C valves, shower valve, hot water tank, toilet

February 2015

Kitchen and Utility Room

-Tile floors using 13″x13″ terracotta tile

December 2014 – January 2015

Bathroom: Tiling

-Tub surround: 3×6 subway tile including two shower niches and herringbone pattern ceiling
-Floor: unglazed 1″ porcelain hex tile with Doric border in 3/4″ squares

December 2014

Bathroom: Painting and Trim

-Paint walls Harrisburg Green between picture rail and wainscotting
-Install built-up crown moulding
-Install picture rail

November 2014

Restore Wooden Walls & Ceilings in Second Bedroom

-Walls/ceiling are all vertical V-groove T&G 3 1/4″ fir
-Scrape down all surfaces to remove old paint
-Caulk all gaps
-Paint walls & ceiling Ivory White; Simply White for trim
-Install baseboard: 7″ base with fir base cap
-Install crown moulding

October 2014

Floor Restoration

-Refinish all original fir floors: front room, living room, hallway, and both bedrooms
-Stain and clear coat with waterborne polyurethane

August – October 2014

Floor Patching

-Patch holes cut for furnace installed in the 1960s including: six hot air registers, two cold air returns, and one 30″ x 30″ hole where furnace was installed in the 1960s
-Rebuild subfloor for all holes to create a new subfloor flush with existing subfloor
-Cut original boards back in staggered fashion to make the patch less obvious
-Patch using fir boards salvaged from kitchen and bathroom

August – September 2014


-Install ceiling medallions in living room and master bedroom
-Paint all ceilings and top 2′ of walls (above picture rail) 50% linen white
-Paint hallway Opaline below picture rail
-Paint master bedroom Yarmouth Blue below picture rail
-Paint living room Country White below picture rail and above wainscotting

August – September 2014

Brick Fence at the Front of the Lot

-Dig trench for brick wall foundation, fill with 4″ compacted gravel
-Foundation: make concrete forms, pour 8″ deep concrete foundation
-Build wall: 45 feet long flemish bond double-wide wall with five piers

July 2014


-Walls/ceilings in dining room, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, and master bedroom

July 2014


-Insulate exterior walls with Roxul R22
-Insulate ceilings with Roxul R44
-Insulate top and bottom of windows with spray foam
-Insulate window counterweight cavities with rigid foam so that the weights are still functional
-Seal up exterior walls and ceilings with 6 mil vapour barrier

July 2014


-Kitchen blocking: cabinets, range hood, vertical wainscotting
-Bathroom: vertical wainscotting, vanity, towel racks
-Add blocking for drywall where necessary

July 2014

Drywall Shimming

-Shim out studs for drywall where necessary using strips of 3 mm door skins
-Plane down bowed studs

June 2014


-Replace all plumbing in house with modern pex/copper

April – June 2014


-Remove old 100 A service panel from awkward/unsafe location in kitchen
-Install 200 A service, new service panel in a brand new location in utility room
-Design a completely new electrical system to bring the house up to modern electrical code
-Rewire the entire house with 26 new circuits

May 2014


-Hydronic heating coils laid down in kitchen and bathroom, and concrete topper laid down in both rooms.
-All electrical and thermostat wires roughed-in for future boiler installation

April 2014


-Bathroom: bump out wall in bathroom to create bathtub alcove with built-in shower niches
-Kitchen: remove original rough opening kitchen door and create new tudor archway entry for kitchen to match existing arches in the house
-Bedroom: frame-in full height closet in master bedroom with upper and lower sections
-Relocate utility room door 12″ to make room for bathtub alcove
-Reframe attic access hatch with new 2x10s and joist hangers

October 2013 – Mar 2014


-Remove all damaged wallpaper, plaster, and lath from walls and ceiling in the house while protecting the original wainscotting and fir floors
-Remove all framing not original to the house including closets in kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, and doorframe in archway leading into the hallway
-Remove all floor coverings not original to the house: carpet in living room, multiple layers of laminate & lino in kitchen, hallway, bathroom
-Remove original flooring in kitchen and bathroom (too damaged to keep unfortunately) in order to expose sub-floor for installation of hydronic coils and concrete topper
-Gut kitchen completely
-Gut bathroom completely
-Remove all cast iron and galvanized plumbing

November/December 2013

Attic Work

-Insulate entire attic with Roxul to R44
-Install plywood catwalk in attic

November 2013

Tree Removal

-Remove or prune trees that were up against the roofline and/or too close to the foundation including one maple, a monstrous Bay Laurel, and two Laburnums

October/November 2013

Crawl Space

-Completely gut the crawl space including removing all insulation from in-between floor joists, remove oil furnace, all ductwork
-Clean out entire crawl space
-Insulate exterior walls of crawlspace with Icynene spray foam to R24