Our Apple Trees

By October 14, 2013 Home Restoration No Comments

Somewhat hidden amongst the current jungle that is our backyard are two large apple trees.  Back in the late 19th century the land that our home sits on was part of an orchard that belonged to a famous nearby castle.  We recently had an arborist come by the house because we need to have a few trees which are too close to the foundation removed.  While he was there he told me that given the size and type of apple that our trees produce, it’s likely that they were part of that orchard, and that they could very well predate the house.

The one tree produces regular sized green apples (on the left).  The other produces massive red apples (on the right) around the size of a small grapefruit: about 4″ in diameter.  My grandpa (Grandpa Pope!) had apple trees on his land in Montreal and used to make wonderful apple sauce.  Perhaps I’ll continue the tradition!


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