Going, going, gone

The original Fir floors in our hallway are now seeing the light of day for perhaps the first time since before World War II.  The sandwich of flooring that sat on top of them was at least four layers deep.  The most recent layer was a cheap laminate flooring (on the left); below that was some linoleum tiles (in the middle); and the oldest was some sort of linoleum (I think?) that was so brittle it actually made the demo work fairly easy.  The original wood (on the right) is in pretty good shape, with most of the boards spanning 20 feet or more.  It’s almost all quartersawn, and has a full 1/4″ above the tongue remaining, which leads me to think that they were never refinished.  There’s definitely a wear pattern from foot traffic, so they must have been uncovered for at least a decade or two.  After we sand off the dark stain and patina (I know this seems a bit shameful but it’s gotta be done), these floors are going to look great.  There is one deep gouge in the entrance to the kitchen that will probably need repair, but the rest is in good shape.

Here’s a photo of the sandwich below the laminate:

The first layer is the colourful stuff — it would be interesting to know what the vintage on this is.

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