Front Door Reglaze: Part 1

By February 11, 2014 Finishing, Home Restoration 5 Comments

Aside from the baseboard heater and chandelier, one thing that doesn’t quite fit in our living room is the window in the front door.  It’s a simple frosted pane that has probably only been in there for the past 10 years or so.  The original window was probably stained glass like many of the other original windows in the house.  Because it’s such a key part of the house, we thought it would be great to reglaze the window with something more in keeping with the house.

With that in mind we contacted local stained glass artist Joanne McGachie to commission a new window for the door.  It was important to us to retain many of the Tudor detailing from the original windows, but we also wanted to have a personal touch that would signify the Pope chapter in the history of our house.  Jess plans on planting a Dogwood tree in the front yard so she suggested that Dogwood flowers be incorporated into the design.  We sent our ideas over to Joanne, and she came up with the following design:

Here’s the full scale mock-up:

We’re really happy with what Joanne came up with.  She has a great eye for detail: all the way down to the little things like the asymmetrical pattern of the rectangular edge pieces.  It should be ready to be installed in March!


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