The Fences and Hedges on our Block

We have a one-foot drop from the sidewalk to our lawn which necessitates some sort of fence or hedge. When we purchased the house there was a rickety 2×4 fence by the sidewalk that had to go. We’ve been thinking long and hard about what would work best, and have been considering either a traditional hedge, a wooden fence, or a brick fence. In deciding what to do we looked to the fence and hedge designs found in our neighbourhood.  Below are some photos of the fences and hedges on our block.

Directly across the road from our house:

Next-door neighbour to the south:

Next-door neighbour to the north:

Various fences just down the road:

Initially we settled on planting a Yew hedge, but after seeing how the deer have ravaged the Yew in the area we nixed the plan. A wooden fence would be nice, but we weren’t keen on the maintenance that would be involved. This led us to a masonry fence, which we felt would probably fit in best with the neighbourhood, although was not the most budget-friendly option. Because our house is by far one of the most modest on the block we were comfortable in avoiding natural stone and wrought iron (and the cost that would come with them!). We decided that traditional brick would be the way to go.  I’ll post more details in a separate post.

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