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Bathroom: What a Difference a Year Makes

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Sometimes when I’m feeling that this project has taken way too long I like to look back at where I was a year ago.  The photo above shows the bathroom during the chaos demo last year and as it is now in its current state ;)  Once the wainscotting, vanity, and fixtures are in I think we’re going to have a nice little bathroom.

The Garden: And so it begins…Part Two

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My first garden post!  I have to say, I have been delaying this post for sometime now for two reasons.  One, is out of sheer laziness and the other, is the fear and anxiety of being forever immortalized on the internet!  As the gardening days pass by, I felt it would be a great disservice to myself to not document the transformation of our yard and so I sat down to write this.  As I am both a gardening and blogging neophyte, please enjoy my stumbles and successes as I attempt to entertain you with posts about taming what we like to call our garden. Read More