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One Bottle of Beer in the Wall

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While opening up the wall between the kitchen and dining room fireplace I discovered this old amber beer bottle.  It’s corked, but unfortunately there’s nothing inside.  I did a search online and found some information on a website called Glass Bottle Marks.  It seems that it was manufactured by Reed & Company based in Massillon, Ohio.  Apparently they were only manufacturing these bottles from 1881-1904, so this one is at least 110 years old.  It probably made its way into the cavity I found it when the home was built way back in 1904.  It’s not a rare bottle, but it is a cool discovery!

Going, going, gone

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The original Fir floors in our hallway are now seeing the light of day for perhaps the first time since before World War II.  The sandwich of flooring that sat on top of them was at least four layers deep.  The most recent layer was a cheap laminate flooring (on the left); below that was some linoleum tiles (in the middle); and the oldest was some sort of linoleum (I think?) Read More

Lath Mountain

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This is the mountain of the lath that I pulled off the walls and ceilings in the dining room, master bedroom, kitchen, and hallways.  It took up about half the space in our current bin.  Removal was hard work, and surprisingly loud: as the nails popped out of the old studs it was like a gunshot at times.  I actually had to pull out my Peltor ear muffs.

HUGE thanks to the studly Matt Haddow for helping me load all the lath into the bin!

Back in Action

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Shortly after returning home from the Christmas holidays I came down with the flu, which unfortunately kept me from working on the house until about a week ago.  Now I’m back in fighting form and I’ve finished up insulating the entire attic and installing rafter baffles for increased ventilation.   I’ve also been focused on finishing up the demo in the bathroom (before and after photo above), which is now almost complete.   Read More