A workshop of questionable manliness

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The kitchen, with its pink floral wallpaper, has become my temporary workshop as I prep the second bedroom for finishing. It’s actually a pretty good setup since the floor is well protected with a sandwich of laminate and lino above the original hardwood. None of the cupboards that are currently in the kitchen will stay, so it’s nice to be able to use those for storage of my tools and not be worried about damaging them. There’s lots of light and a good cross-breeze when I open the windows. Read More

Second bedroom is stripped

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The second bedroom is currently the most frightening in the house, but  it also has tons of potential.  In the attic you can see that underneath the wall and ceiling coverings in the second bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room there is actually  v-groove old-growth fir paneling throughout.  All three rooms are solid wood!  Because the second bedroom is also going to be my temporary workshop,  I was keen to get to work on it.  I started by removing multiple layers of wallpaper and some sort of cardboard backing on the walls in solid sheets using my pry bar.  Next was removal of the crown moulding, and then removal of the ceiling coverings.  The ceiling had wallpaper, but I wasn’t sure what was between that and the v-groove.  It turned out to be a layer of 1/2″ vintage gyprock that had been nailed in.  It was a messy job to remove it, but definitely worth it. Read More

And so it begins!

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Last Thursday was completion and possession day, and so Jess and I are now the owners of a very unique and historic home.  We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us, but I couldn’t be more excited with the potential of this house.  Special thanks to our realtor Jordan Thome and his father Don for all their help!

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