Framing-in the Bathtub Alcove: Part 1

Papa Pope was in town visiting last week and we got a huge amount of work done.   One of our projects was altering the floor plan of the bathroom slightly.  Because our bathroom is so small we decided to sacrifice some of the room in the laundry room in order to build an alcove for the bathtub.   Rather than just bumping the whole wall out the full width of the tub we designed an alcove that would give us 7.5′ of headroom, but that would still allow attic access and additional storage from the opposite side of the new alcove in the laundry room.   Above you can see the T&G wall in the laundry room getting removed so that we can start framing in the new alcove.

Next up was removing the lower 7.5′ of the wall and reusing those studs for the back of the new alcove (below left).  We then framed in the new ceiling of the alcove using new lumber, and we built a platform on top of it using plywood for attic access (below right):

The toilet position will change of course, and the original fir floors will also come out so that we can lay down in-floor hydronic radiant heating coils.  We will likely tile the floor when we’re finishing the bathroom, and we’ll reuse the wood flooring for repairs in other parts of the house like all the vent holes we want to close up.

We’ve come a long way since this:

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