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With tiling now complete I’ve shifted back into carpentry mode, which is a welcome change since it’s what I enjoy the most.  Because I don’t have a heavy duty table saw I rely on my track saw to break down large sheet goods.  To help make this a quick and efficient process I built a lightweight and modular bench over the past few days using plans provided by Ron Paulk.  The bench top measures 4’x8′, and breaks down into four components that are easy to store or transport.  Even though it’s made using only 1/2″ plywood it’s incredibly strong (it’ll support my weight easily), and cheap to build.  The cutaway design on the edges of the bench top allow for lots of storage for tools in the bench top.  Below is a video of Ron describing the features of the bench:

In the fall I built a similar bench for my miter saw using plans also provided by Ron Paulk.  It’s been absolutely fantastic.  Below are both benches currently set up in the kitchen:

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  • Wendy Pope says:

    Super sweet bench bro, glad you’re back doing carpentry and not wrecking your knees tiling! Love love love the tile, worth the effort :)

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