All New Electric System

On top of a brand new 200 A service, new service panel, and new panel location the house now has completely new wiring.  When we purchased the house the electrical was modern Loomex, but it was incredibly sparse.  Each room had one or two plug ins and minimal light fixtures.  The kitchen was vastly underpowered, and definitely not up to modern standards.  With the walls opened up I figured it would be smart to design an entirely new electrical system that would bring the house electrical up to modern code.  I roughed in all 25 new circuits myself and had professional electrician Rick Dosouto connect everything up to the new panel.  Rick handled the installation of the new panel and everything upstream all the way to the pole as part of the new 200 A service.

Some photos of the new wiring:

Home runs in the attic leading to the new panel

New panel looking up towards ceiling

When I opened up the far wall in the dining room I discovered blocking for two wall sconces that had the classic knob-and-tube holes in them.  They were likely original to the house, but the sconces and wires had long since been removed:

As part of the restoration we decided to add wall sconces back to those original locations:




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