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Crawl Space Conversion!

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Much of the work on the house in the past month has been on the crawlspace.  For the most part it was somewhat miserable work and didn’t motivate me to blog much ;) .  It’s all done now though, and boy what a huge difference it’s made.

When we took possession of the house we knew that the crawl space needed immediate addressing.  This was one of the few aspects of the house which appeared to have suffered during the last few years, and there was a laundry list of things that needed to be taken care of:
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Mystery Solved!

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On our front door, which is original to the house, there is a wood carving in the White Oak panel directly above the lock rail (pictured above). Since Jess and I took possession of the house a little more than six weeks ago we have been wondering what the heck the animal in the carving might be.   Read More